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Be a Mountain - Keeskogel | © GerdiVwt 2015


In 2010 I, Gerdi (forever 24!), was fed up with the flat Netherlands! No longer did I wish to spend my days stuck in an office or a car on the freeway, on my way from one meeting to the next. I wanted to live the rest of my life outside, in nature, and I wanted to do it somewhere I would feel completely at home. I became, both literally and metaphorically, a Mountain Seeker.

I gave up my career as a projectmanager and consultant, sold my house and moved to Austria to start a different life in the mountains I love so dearly.

As often as possible, I spend time in the mountains. The Nationalpark Hohe Tauern is quite literally in my back yard.

Each time I get to go there, whether with guests or by myself, on my way to a cabin, a beautiful lake or a mountain top, I feel like I am given a gift. Still!

Over and over I get to experience the positive effects of mountain hiking on both physical and mental health – not just on mine but on the health of guests too. It will sometimes take a while, but it happens time and again: everyday stress is left behind, the vicious circle of negative thoughts is broken, we’re able to concentrate better, think more clearly and ideas & solutions start to present themselves. Where others get their best ideas in the shower, mine seem to drop in from nowhere when I’m in the mountains.

The relaxing nature of mountain hiking also leads to conversations that go much deeper than the mundane. Even when we’ve only just met, spending a couple of hours together on a mountain trail leads to candid conversations previously though impossible. Hiking in these immense and impressive surroundings somehow creates an environment that is intimite and safe. Finding our way to the top together, makes the descent seem less daunting. There is space and security to experience “the thrill of swooshing down the other side!”

It is my life’s mission and pasion to show you the beauty of nature, of the mountains and of (their) life. To show you that life happens on the mountains. To let you experience that you too can be a Mountain Seeker!!

Dare Greatly! Be a Mountain Seeker!
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