Be a Mountain Seeker!


One may walk over the highest mountain one step at a time.
– Barbara Walters –

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With a certified hiking guide a mountain hike becomes an unforgettable experience. Especially in Pinzgau (Zell am See region), where the gorgeous national park Hohe Tauern can be reached easily from almost every location.

By now I know the best hikes in these magical, beautiful mountains. I would love to take you along. You wouldn’t have to worry about route, weather and all those other things involved in planning a hike, You can leave all that to me. All you have to do is be sure to have the right equipment and be in a good mood.

Whether you are a novice or experienced mountain hiker is unimportant. There is a beautiful mountain hike for everyone! A few possibilities are listed on these pages. Each hike is also categorized into: easy, intermediate or difficult.

You’d rather take another one? That’s possible too! Feel free to contact me.

Hiking categories

Easy hike
These hikes don’t require you to have much hiking experience or extensive equipment. Usually every hiker can handle a hike in this categorie. Trails are (relatively) wide and differences in elevations are minor.

Equipment should at least be:
Hiking shoes, (day) pack with liquids, lunch and rain gear

Intermediate hike
Hking trails are usually narrow and often steep. Every now and again you come upon passages secured with cables. Alpine experience and a good sense of balance are requiered for these hikes. To go on these hikes you need to be in good fysical and mental shape and not suffer from (serious) vertigo are necessary,. You also need to be properly equiped.

Equipment should at the very least be:
Sturdy, ankle high hiking boots (category B/C), (day) pack with lunch, snacks and sufficient fluids, rain gear, cap and gloves, first aid kit. Good (telescopic) trekking poles are highly recommended.

Difficult hike
The hikes marked black are only suitable for experienced alpine hikers. The trails are almost continually steep and narrow. Longer passages, secured with cables or in need of (some) climbing, along these routes are common. A good sense of balance as well as a lack of vertigo are absolutely necessary, as is being in good mental and physical shape.

Equipment at the very least equal to that of an intermediate hike.

Looking for a good holiday address as a base for your mountain hikes? Check out the possibilities under the heading Accommodations on the links-page. You’ll fnd several good addresses in the region.

If you wish I’ll be glad to assist you in booking an accommodation for your Austrian stay.

The mountain hiking experience
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